Title: Dental caries knowledge in a group of Northwest Territories children
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Journal: Int J Circumpolar Health 57Suppl1: 169-73
Publisher: Location: Edmonton

A total of 953 children in schools in communities in the Northwest Territories were surveyed to determine their attitudes and knowledge about dental decay. A questionnaire was answered by these Native and non-Native children in the Northwest Territories. The median age of the children was 12.5 years. The girls tended to brush their teeth more frequently and consumed less sugared sweets between meals. More of the girls and in particular the Native girls knew about “nursing” caries. The Native students more often than not went for dental treatment when it was necessary. The Native students brushed their teeth less frequently and often learned to brush their teeth on their own. The consumption of sugared sweets between meals was greater in the Native sample. The knowledge level of the factors that affect dental decay rates was lower in the Native group, but was not extremely high in either group. These children should receive more information on oral health practices and be given an opportunity to improve their oral health knowledge.

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Lewis DW, Schuller PD, Thompson GW. Dental caries knowledge in a group of Northwest Territories children. Int J Circumpolar Health. 1998;57Suppl1:169-73.