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  1. National Aboriginal Health Organization LINK
    Type in the NAHO search engine “oral health & children” to find related resources.
  2. Dental Health Manual: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 (Government of Nunavut) ENGLISH | INUKTITUT
  3. i Portal – Indigenous Studies Research Tool from the University of Saskatchewan LINK
    contains articles, e-books and theses on oral health and Aboriginal children.

Archival Links

  1. Healthy teeth for children (brochure) from Canadian Paediatric Society LINK
  2. First Nations Regional Longitudinal Health Survey (RHS) 2002/03. Results for Adults, Youth and Children Living in First Nations Communities PDF
  3. Providing Timely Dental Treatment for Young Children Under General Anesthesia Is a Government Priority. Article by Dr. R. Schroth & Brie Morey PDF
  4. Prevalence of early childhood caries in 4 Manitoba communities. Article by Dr. Schroth, Pattie Moore & Dr. Brothwell PDF
  5. Early childhood caries and infant oral health: Paediatricians’ and family physicians’ knowledge, practices and training. Article by Prakash, Lawrence, Harvey, McIsaac, Limeback, & Leake LINK
  6. Human rights and ethical considerations in oral health research. Article by Ellen and Singleton PDF
  7. Severe dental caries, impacts and determinants among children 2-6 years of age in Inuvik Region, Northwest Territories, Canada. Article by Leake, Jozzy and Uswak PDF
  8. Prevalence of caries among preschool-aged children in a northern Manitoba community. Article by Schroth, Smith, Whalen, Lekic and Moffatt PDF
  9. Oral health and the aboriginal child: a forum for community members, researchers and policy-makers. Article by Schroth, Harrison, Lawrence and Peressini PDF
  10. Partnering to reverse the trend: early childhood caries conference report PDF
  11. Oral health promotion for high-risk children: case studies from British Columbia. Article by Harrison PDF
  12. Brighter Smiles: PDF
  13. Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry: Contains a numbers of articles on northern communities and oral health for children: LINK
  14. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority: Houses a number of resources and reports developed by Healthy Smile Happy Child Project on Early Childhood Tooth Decay. LINK
  15. Circle of Smiles Kit is produced by St. Theresa Point First Nation and the former Nursing Caries Committee of Winnipeg Children’s Hospital. Posters, pamphlets, video for kids, adults and TV station, table-top display, shelf-markers to identify healthy foods, board game for kids. Tel: (204) 983-2871
  16. Skye’s Smile is the tale of a young aboriginal girl who tells her “kokum” (grandmother) she doesn’t want to brush her teeth. Her kokum then tells her a story of how she had to clean her teeth when she was a young girl. This children’s book is written by Pattie Moore and is beautifully illustrated by a young native artist, Niki Little. To obtain copies of this book, please contact: Makinak Publishing Inc. P.O. Box 48101 RPO Lakewood, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A3 | Phone: (204) 791-6253 | Fax: (204) 254-1648
  17. “You and Your Baby” Kit is a nutritional and dental health learning resource kit that holds 17 activity labels each with an attached teaching aid. This is an ideal learning activity for prenatal or new parent groups and caregivers of young children. The Q & A were reviewed by several community health hygienists and a dietician experienced in aboriginal health issues, to address areas of concern around infant tooth decay (ECC) and First Nation families. It also include a tooth eruption chart, a dental care checklist, juice advisory sheet, instructions on kit use, and a selection of short videos on Early Childhood Caries in DVD format.
    For more information on cost, etc. contact: Sherry Saunderson, RDH, 2966 Cameron Taggart Road, Cobble Hill, B.C. V0R 1L6 Canada | Phone: (250) 743-5477 | Fax: (250) 743-5489 |