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  1. Early childhood caries in American Indian children defies traditional preventive approaches to infection LINK
  2. Symposium on Early Childhood Caries in American Indian and Alaska Native Children Panel Report (ADA 2009) PDF
  3. The Indian Health Service (IHS) Early Childhood Caries (ECC) Initiative LINK
  4. Child Oral Health Resources for Primary Care Providers LINK

Archival Links

  1. Introducing the Indian Health Service Early Childhood Caries Initiative, February 2010 PDF
  2. American Academy of Pediatrics Oral Health Initiative Program LINK
    By entering “Native American children and oral health” in the search area you can access numerous articles & resources on that subject.
  3. Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General (2000, pp.76,77,90) PDF (namely pages 76, 77 & 90)
  4. An Oral Health Survey of American Indian and Alaska Native Dental Patients: Findings, Regional Differences and National Comparisons (1999, (pp.15-39) PDF
  5. Northwest Tribal Dental Support Centre Report for 2008 PDF
  6. Toddler Overweight and Tooth Decay Prevention Study (TOTS) LINK
  7. Children’s Dental Health Project Fact Sheet – Native American Child Oral Health (February 2005) PDF
  8. Minnesota Dental Association website has a variety of resources online called “Sip all day, get decay” LINK
  9. Preventing baby bottle tooth decay: eight-year results. Article by Bruerd and Jones LINK
  10. Preventing baby bottle tooth decay in American Indian and Alaska native communities: a model for planning. Article by Bruerd, Kinney and Bothwell LINK
  11. Confronting oral health disparities among American Indian/Alaska Native children: the pediatric oral health therapist. Article by Nash & Nagel LINK
  12. Biotech and biomaterials research to reduce the caries epidemic. Article by Slayton, Bryers & Milgrom LINK