Title: COHI Aide Instructor’s Manual
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The purpose of the Instructor’s Manual for training of the COHI Aide is to assist the dental

professional when they train the COHI Aide. The Instructor’s Manual has been designed to

cover the required three day COHI training session and has been formatted simply to act as a

guide. Each number in the Instructor’s Manual is a direct reference to the numbered section

heading in the COHI Aide’s Training Manual. The key to teaching is to ensure all materials

are covered in a way the COHI Aide can easily understand and apply in a COHI setting. The

amount of time you spend on each competency may be altered according to the COHI Aide’s

understanding of the material. It is your responsibility, as the instructor, to ensure each

competency is reviewed and tested.

The Objectives of the COHI Aide Training Are To:

1. Achieve an understanding, acceptance and knowledge of their roles as a COHI Aide and

basic knowledge of oral health.

2. Ensure the COHI Aide can understand and retain the information and perform the COHI

services as outlined in the COHI Aide’s job description.
Reference (Biomedical Style):
Health Canada. COHI Aide Instructor’s Manual. 2005.