Title: Dental Caries in Rural Alaska Native Children — Alaska, 2008
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This is the first study from Alaska that documents the beneficial effects of water fluoridation on caries prevention.  It is timely because the towns of Bethel and Nome are both considering proposals to discontinue water fluoridation.  Hopefully, these local Alaska data will help influence those communities to continue to offer the benefits of water fluoridation.
The key messages from this study are:
            - Dental cavities are prevalent among rural Alaska Native children and are up to 4.5 times as severe as the general population of US children of the same age.
                - Children from villages without fluoridated water had up to 3 times more cavities than children from villages with fluoridated water. 
This investigation was a collaboration between CDC/Arctic Investigations Program (Anchorage), CDC/Division of Oral Health (Atlanta), the State of Alaska/DHSS and YKHC.  We received additional support from ANTHC, the I.H.S. Division of Epi and Disease Prevention and the ANMC Dental Residency Program.  Many thanks to our generous and dedicated partners!
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